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Tri Barefoot Massage

Not all deep tissue massage is created equal.  We are changing the treatment experience one foot at a time.  Relaxing, consistent, comfortable & effective.
Give barefoot massage a Tri.



Tri Barefoot Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Are you someone who is always searching for a massage that is deep enough to get through your tight dense muscle? Look no further then Barefoot Massage. This is the most consistent deepest tissue massage you will ever experience. No jabbing, poking, or pinching painful deep tissue work here. Just gravity supported DEEP consistent pressure. Our slow, “give weight then wait” style can penetrate even the large, dense, tense muscle. We even do 2 hour sessions! We aren’t afraid of the big guys. Give Barefoot Massage a Tri! 

What My Customers Are Saying

"Best massage I've ever gotten!! Really did a fantastic job and the atmosphere was very peaceful. I'm super impressed and will recommend to anyone looking for a massage in town."

~ Joan S.

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