Barefoot Massage

 Barefoot Massage is a deep tissue technique applied with the soles of the feet.  The therapist uses parallel overhead bars for support.  Gravity allows for a deeper then deep tissue massage.   This technique can be applied to both the back and the front of the body as well at the neck and shoulders.

Anyone who likes a good deep tissue massage will want to try this unique treatment. We are changing the experience of deep tissue massage.  "No pain no gain" is a thing of the past.  You can experience deep tissue massage without jabbing, poking, and pinching.  Barefoot Massage is comfortable, consistent, and effective.  Barefoot Massage is offered as a 60 minute, 90 minute or 2 hour full body treatment.

The session can be customized to focus on specific muscle groups as desired by the client. 

Range Of Motion 

Using Passive, Active and Resisted ROM stretch therapy techniques, this barefoot massage technique allows the Massage Therapist to stand on a massage table and maneuver clients limbs with their feet, using the strong muscles of their legs and hips. We hold onto overhead bars and lean into our suspended support straps for balance and leverage as we lift, bend and twist clients into stretches. This helps a therapist effortlessly maintain consistent pressure and counter balance while providing deep point holds, or long fascial stretches.

We also compress or restrict clients compensating body parts down into a neutral alignment while creating various ranges of motion throughout all major joints in the body. The therapist can observe movement patterns and queue the client into resisted actions to help build joint stability, and encourage their interoceptive awareness during passive stretching and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.
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Barefoot Massage

Myofascial,  deep tissue techniques applied with he soles of the feet
60 Minutes
90 Minutes
2 Hours

Hot Ashi

Session done in loose comfortable clothing.  Therapist integrates heated flax seed pillows to provide fascial stretching, trigger point and barefoot techniques throughout the body. 
60 minute
90 minute
2 hour

Range Of Motion

Session fully clothes, therapist takes client through passive range of motion stretches. 
60 Minute


Cupping Therapy
Add cupping to any Massage
Essential Oils  
Add our combination of 7 Young Living Aroma Therapy Oils to any Massage
Hot Ashi
Warm Flex Seed Pillow Compression During Massage Session
Infrared Sauna Session 
Choose between 15 or 30 minutes of infrared sauna relaxation before or after your massage treatment 
Weighted Blanket Nap
15 minutes of relaxation on the massage table after your massage treatment with a weighted blanket. 


Three 60 Minute Massages
Three 90 Minute Massages
Three 2 Hour Massages

Tri Barefoot Massage

Shoulder & neck pain from stress, tension, looking down or working at a desk?
You have never experienced a neck & shoulder massage like this before!
Unique, specific, soothing deep tissue massage.
Deeper than deep tissue massage with sole.
Give Barefoot Massage a Tri!